Happy Birthday Alley Alleyjandra!!!

2 summers ago I got some sad news, but that very day my boyfriend and I went to find our black kitty cat, Oscar, a friend.  He had the entire house to himself and looked like he needed a good playmate.

Oscar was the boss of the house.

For as long as I could remember, I have always had my heart set on getting a long-haired cat and a calico cat.  Oh yes, I also wanted a girl.  When we arrived at the pet shop they had just gotten a shipment of kittens from the local shelter less than an hour ago.  My bf saw a beautiful grey striped kitty, but she was already in the arms of her future owner.  We looked at all her brothers and sisters, but we didn’t notice Alleyjandra for while.  She was so tiny and sickly and we think that she must have been the runt of the litter.  They had her listed as a male and said that she was a unicorn because male calicos are SO uncommon.

We brought “him” home and both agreed to name “him Alejandro (As we blasted the song on our way home.)

Oscar loved her from the start and they became fast friends!

He would give her daily baths probably 4 times a day ❤
Alleyjandra’s first pic

A few days later we found out that she was a girl.  She was so young that she still had her umbilical cord.  

She’s SO Beautiful ❤

Alleyjandra has such a sweet and gentle spirit she is my little girl, the ultimate study buddy, and my BEST friend!

I can’t believe that our little girl is already 2 human years today.  

She is Always in my corner:

She has grown into such a beautiful, sweet and playful kitty girl!

She thinks she’s pretty tough and badass:

Happy Birthday Alley Alleyjandra!  Here’s too many more amazing years together:

Girlie, you got it going on and I love you with ALL my ❤


❤ You Always,

❤ Alana xoxoxo

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