Moving Slowly

Living Out Loud

A week ago I was faced with choices and unsure about what I wanted.  Every option presented an advantage and a risk.  There was the safety of staying were I was.There has been a sense of security because I have been here for the past year and even though it has had its ups and downs I know what to expect.

Then there was the option of diving headfirst into the unknown.  There is excitement that comes with change and the prospect of a fresh start.  New Beginning.  Starting over.  New Chapter.  Turning over a new leaf.  Terra Incognito.  The Mysterious Beyond.  Outside of my comfort zone.  There is an added layer of excitement when you know that you and some of your closest friends will join together on this journey.  I have known these friends almost through all 4 seasons.  I think this is crucial.  Spend as many rounds…

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