Fast-Track/Power-Clean To-Do-List

Is that a mouthful or what?!?!  Today I am on Cloud 9 because I received all of my grades and academic evaluations and am pleased with my results!  Also, I get to see the love of my life and my best friend on Sunday!!!!  

Now I have even more motivation to light a fire under my ass and get $hit done.  I have been procrastinating cleaning the bathroom.  For a long time, my kitten Carl had full reign of the bathroom and walk-in closet since he was preparing and recovering from being fixed.

Carl & I 

I guess it’s time for me to get to work!!!

Here’s My List:

  1. Deep Clean the bathroom.
  2. Clean and organize the closet/ create space for him.
  3. Clean and organize the office.
  4. Deep Clean the fridge/kitchen.
  5. Vacuum.
  6. Laundry.
  7. Clean the interior of my car.
  8. Make a goodwill donation.
  9. Meet Mica at Barnes and Nobles.
  10. Physical Therapy exercises.
  11. Walk Ruby.
  12. Have Fun.

I know, this song was only partially over-played during it’s time, but it says to have fun so that’s what I’ll do!!!  *Note to self…  “You are injured, don’t dance (too hard)”

What is on your to-do-list?!?!  Comment below to share.  

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,

❤ Alana xoxoxo

4 thoughts on “Fast-Track/Power-Clean To-Do-List

  1. Sooo today’s the day you and your bf have your reunion ?! So happy for you getting to see him && for your successful semester!! Congrats & keep up the great work 😀 you are doing so awesome :))

    1. Hi Jess!
      Thank you!!! Yes, I get to pick him up from the airport today! I am happy that it is right in time for summer. Thanks for always being so supportive and encouraging! You’re the best, Jess 🙂

      ❤ Alana

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