Living Out Loud

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Living Out Loud

cropped-0511.jpgLiving Out Loud

“With my head in the clouds and feet on the ground.”

Is a collage of my everyday life mixed in with grand adventures.

I originally started this blog as a creative outlet and a gateway into the world of technology (a world I always feared) that was less distracting than Facebook.

I also wanted to remind myself and all of my readers that life is meant to be lived to the absolute fullest.  We should not be just shuffling from day to day we should be living our lives OUT LOUD!

This Means:

  • Challenge Yourself to step outside of your comfort zone.
  • Learn Something New every day!
  • Embark on GRAND adventures.
  • Express Yourself through words, thoughts, ideas, art, and most importantly ACTION!
  • Be Complete and Free.
  • Live Your Truth.
  • Be Joyful.
  • Bring out the BEST in others.
  • Be Real.  Be True.  Be YOU.

I believe that life…

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