Fit or Fat?

Ask yourself the question, “Fit or Fat?”

❤ Alana Xoxoxo

Living Out Loud

I am practicing the art of awareness.  Now when I crave a certain food, snack, or drink, I ask myself:  “Was I fit or fat when I used to eat (or drink) a lot of this?”  That has been just enough incentive for me to drive right past the drive-thrus without looking back…

Today, I did pick up free iced coffee and I drank half of it and realized that I really don’t need it anymore so I threw away the rest.

The next time you feel yourself reaching for that sugar cookie, slice of pizza, black and bleu burger, or venti Frappucino with extra white chocolate and whipped cream; Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Am I hungry?  I know that I often eat out of boredom or for comfort even when I am not hungry.  This habit has not helped me get closer to reaching my goals.
  2. Will this…

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