Transform Your Life Project 2.0: #25

Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

I have gotten 2 big wake-up calls in the past two months.  My first wake-up call was last month when I injured myself in dance class.  I was very warmed-up and it took place at the very end of class so it was not because I was not warmed-up.  My injury took place during a time when I was feeling extremely stressed and was not exercising consistently.  I think in a way I had been taking my health for granted and this was a big reminder that I should never take my health for granted.  Thankfully I found a good physical therapist and am currently on the mend.

My 2nd wake-up call happened this past Thursday.  I was all pumped up and on a mission to cross off as many items off of my to-do-list as I could.  Then all of a sudden I felt like I couldn’t even sit upright.  I felt super hungover and sick even though I didn’t have any alcohol or illicit substances.  Then my bf helped me realize that I had a super strong coffee…  It was either that or the blue cheese that I had on my salad and in my burger.

I was so sick the rest of the night and the next two days.  I even threw out the blue cheese in my fridge because I never want to risk getting sick like that ever again.  On Saturday I woke up with a terrible migraine that just wouldn’t quit.  I started to worry that I would not be able to drive to the airport on Sunday night.  I was also stressed about the fact that I was not checking items off my list.  Then I gave myself a reality check and decided to nap throughout the day then go to bed early.  At that point my health and well-being became my priority.  It payed off because on Sunday morning I woke up without a headache.  I could tell that I still was not 100% back to normal, but I was a lot better off than I had been for days.

I even invited my friend Mica over for a visit and possibly dinner since I was already planning on making dinner for my bf.  The old me would have said that I had no time for friends, since I had so many chores, but I was supposed to focus on “making time for family and friends” this month.  I am so glad that I did.  She played with Ruby and the cats and it was so nice for us to sit back and relax and catch-up.  Before she left she helped me make dinner.

This weekend I felt extremely sad because I was missing my sister.  My sister and I have been at odds since last summer and I have felt a major deficit in my life.  My sister was my best friend and I could always count on her to be down to do something fun.  She  moved out from my parent’s house when she was 16 and was determined to find her own way.  I really admire her bravery and courage, but I really hope she doesn’t go too far away.  I always hope that someday she will come back to me.

Greetings from OLY!


Make Time For Family and Friends

  • Write letters.
  • Remember birthdays.
  • Be Generous.
  • Be Present.
  • Don’t Gossip.

I think that being around my friend Mica helped me feel a little less heartbroken about my sister.  On Sunday I picked my bf up from the airport and we have been having such a wonderful time together since then.  He was working in Christchurch, New Zealand and said that there is no place that compares to home ❤

Being apart for an extended amount of time was a wonderful exercise in trust and we both agree that it brought us even closer together.  I am glad that I got to practice trust because I used to struggle with a fear of abandonment.  That all the people that I love go away.  But in this case, he came back to me.

How was your week?  What were your highs and lows?  Please comment below to share!

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,

❤ Alana Xoxoxo


3 thoughts on “Transform Your Life Project 2.0: #25

  1. That sounds terrible and it is odd to think of coffee or cheese causing such strong reactions. But then you never know what goes wrong in the human body. Hope you are feeling better now x

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