Tables Turned

Are you as comfortable in front of a camera as behind one? Being
written about, as well as writing?

What if the tables were turned?…  I think I am more comfortable behind the camera because I can better control the outcome of the pictures.  I can be creative without feeling self-conscious or out of place.  Being behind the camera is a different story.  Sometimes I manage to take a decent photo, but sometimes those are rare.  I really admire models and people who do photo shoots.  It is amazing how good people can be at seducing the camera and it certainly isn’t me :).

The same goes for writing versus being written about.  If I am well-versed in the subject matter or excited about sharing then I wouldn’t mind being written about otherwise I would rather be the writer.

This writing prompt kind of reminds me of an exercise we did in a dance workshop.  Our professor had us gather in a circle and when we started the music she would have us take turns choreographing for our group.  She suggested that we feel the music and even close our eyes while we danced.  Then she would stop the music and have us try repeating what we had just choreographed.  It was fun and challenging at the same time.  I also really enjoyed dancing through everyone else’s choreography because we got to experience different interpretations.

We had been separated into 2 big groups and at the end of class she had us form one big circle.  And we went around the circle and stated whether we would rather be a “Dancer” or a “Choreographer.”  Many people chose both dancer and choreographer and usually I would have done that too, but I decided that I prefer being a dancer.  Choreography is challenging (in a good way) and I noticed that I got a little self-conscious being in the spotlight.  The funny thing is that when you are a dancer you are also in the spotlight, more than the choreographer, but I enjoyed this even more.  I think I enjoyed it because I was able to learn the choreography then make it my own.


And now I would like to ask you!  Would you rather be a dancer or a choreographer?  Behind the camera or in front?  Or the writer or the person being written about?  Please comment below to share your answers to one or all of the questions!

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,

❤ Alana xoxoxo

8 thoughts on “Tables Turned

  1. Fun to read that you enjoy dancing also! I would much rather be the dancer than the choreographer. I’d rather write then be written about. And I’d rather take the photograph then have a photograph taken of me. I think this is why I’m called a “functioning introvert.” 😇

    1. Hello Miss Wight!
      Thanks for stopping by and reading. We have a lot in common :). It is exciting that you are also a dancer. I recently discovered dancing and it has brought a lot of joy to my life. What style of dance is your favorite.
      Thanks for sharing your answers and have a lovely rest of your day!!!

      ❤ Alana Xoxoxo

      1. In the dance studio where I go at least twice a week (more in the winter, since it’s harder to exercise outside, etc then), we dance just about everything: samba, jazz, rock with tai chi moves and a bit of kickboxing too. The music is eclectic and inspiring, and at the end, we listen to soft sounds that we stretch into yoga positions and meditation. Can’t get much more perfect than that! What kind of dance do you do? It opens up our spirit, doesn’t it? Pam

      2. Hello Pam,
        Wow, that sounds like such a fun variety of dance. I have been dancing samba, some jazz, ballet, and a little contemporary. This last quarter I took a program called “Dancing Molecules Dancing Bodies” and it covered Biology, Chemistry, A&P, and Dance.
        Yes, I agree dance really does open up our spirits. I will need to find a studio or a place that teaches classes like yours. Sounds like a fun variety. I also love the fact that dance doesn’t feel like work and yet you get such a great workout :).

        ❤ Alana

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