Far From Home… New Zealand?!?!

Tell us about the farthest you’ve ever traveled from home.

I am excited about  this prompt!  This one should be fun!!!

Last August on my Birthday, my boyfriend got us both the ultimate birthday gift.  Our birthdays are almost exactly a month apart (same year).  He got us tickets to New Zealand!!!

It had been a long time dream for both of us and last summer we decided to make it come true.  The year before that we got our passports for our birthdays so we were all set to travel.

New Zealand is divided into the North and South Island.  We decided to visit the biggest city first so we went to Auckland.  The north island has beautiful beaches and the south island is gorgeous and mountainous.

It felt like the longest flight ever!  13 hours is a “we don’t mess around” length of a flight, but we were so thrilled once we finally arrived.  We had gone on a long journey through time-zones and seasons.  Where we were from, it was the end of summer and in New Zealand it was the end of winter.

NZ is the home of the Maori tribe so there were many tribal signs and sculptures everywhere.  It was beautiful.
I was just SO thrilled to be off that plane.  I had packed very little, but it was still way too much, but carry-ons only led to less hassle in the long run!

After what felt like forever, we finally found our flat.

It was a decent place with nice people.  We had a roommate from Germany and another from Saudi Arabia.

These are all the clothes that I brought with  3 pairs of pants!
I continued to journal even in Beautiful New Zealand.

We discovered our favorite place to find a delicious cup of tumeric tea, golden milk, coffee, and a delectable freshly baked pastry.

We became regulars at “Manna Cafe” and thoroughly enjoyed our time there.

My favorite part of the entire experience was how accessible the beautiful beaches are!

I spent everyday feeling swept away by the beauty of this beautiful place.

We didn’t get to do the touristy things like bungee jumping and going through the Waitomo Caves, but hopefully we will in the future!

We did however find the delicious House of Chocolates in Beach Haven.

Beautiful beautiful chocolates ❤

One night we ventured over to find the Takapuna location which was so popular that we sat right outside of the cafe because the inside was packed.

I ordered us Earl Grey Tea with cream.  Absolutely love this tea set.
The main event was the gourmet blueberry mascarpone waffle ❤

Isn’t it funny that we went to a chocolate boutique and didn’t even order chocolate?!?!

There is a curious place called Hell Pizza scattered throughout New Zealand.  We stopped there for lunch one day when we were car shopping.

There are beautiful trails that feel so tropical and make you feel like you are walking through a jungle.

20160923_120323 (1).jpg
❤ This trail was so steep and totally worth the hike!

The Corromandel Mussels were green and delicious and you can only get them in New Zealand!

Corromandel Mussels

You can legally buy Absinthe there too, but be careful and don’t overdo it!!!

We thought we might stay forever and even bought a dope-a$$ car!!!

We really were going to stay and had a plan, but our flat mates wanted to charge us $350 a week for a tiny, cold, room and we decided it was too scammy to stay.  Someday we would return after saving money in the US.  And I could make it back in time to start the fall quarter.

But first, a few more adventures!!!


The night before we left, we went on a GRAND adventure and made it to Rotorua, NZ
And even Hobbiton!!!

Our time in New Zealand was an adventure that I will always remember <3.  My boyfriend was lucky and recently went back to work a job in Christchurch, New Zealand.  I wanted to go, but I decided to stay back for school.  I know that once I finish school I will be even more ready to travel the world!

When you’ve got moxie you make it a point to reject the ordinary life and strive for Extraordinary!!!


Where have you traveled?  Have you ever gone far away from home and if so, where have you been?  If not, where would you like to go if you could travel anywhere in the world?  Please comment below to share!!!  I would love to hear all about your adventures and your dreams!!!

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,

❤ Alana Xoxoxo

P.S.  What are some places that you would recommend visiting?!?!?!

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