Organize My Life To-Do-List: 7/24 – 7/27

Happy Monday Everyone!

I have many great ideas and things I want to accomplish, but the biggest barrier is usually my organization.  I want to study, focus, workout, swim, read many books, blog a lot, dream bigger, etc.  I always feel like I need to clean and organize my space before I get started.  And before that I waste too much time feeling overwhelmed so today I just want to get to work!

Here’s My List: 7/24-7/27

  1. Get oil change.
  2. De-clutter Room.
  3. Organize and clean bedroom.
  4. De-clutter and clean closet.
  5. Clean Bathroom.
  6. Vacuum house.
  7. Work on Tutorial.
  8. Complete getting started module for Brightline Eating.
  9. Schedule times to shadow a physical therapist.
  10. Donate or decide if we want to have a garage sale.

What is on your to-do-list these next 3 days?  Comment below and we can cheer each other on!!!

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,

❤ Alana Xoxoxo



10 thoughts on “Organize My Life To-Do-List: 7/24 – 7/27

  1. Hey girl, my to-do list includes working out everyday because my boyfriend and I have been in a fitness slump. Its so contagious – one of us stops, and then the other one follows lol. So yeah, just making sure I do one youtube workout a day to get back into it. Maybe I’ll do that VS arms from pop pilates that we talked about ;)) I am also working on my essay for school, and making healthy dinners every night! Excited to hear about you shadowing a PT and getting that all set up too!

    1. Hey Girl!
      Thanks for sharing your to-do-list! Working out everyday is the gift that you give yourself and the ultimate investment and you deserve the BEST!!! I totally understand the fitness slump though because that has felt like the story of my life for half of this year. But, since your fitness habits are contagious (between you and your man) then once you start the other will follow 😉
      Thank goodness for those youtube workouts! I love how upbeat Cassey always is. Have you tried the workouts? Those ladies do free fitness challenges and a daily workout. I was thinking about trying one of those soon.
      You have a lot on your plate with school, volunteer work, cooking those healthy dinners, blogging, and everything in between! You are Amazing and this is all going to pay off!!!

      ❤ Alana

      1. I have tried a couple of the toneitup workouts. I used to just watch their youtube channel because they’re so cute! Lol yes thank God for youtube workouts. I have an all time fav yoga one that I’ve been doing for a couple years that I will send to you when your leg is all better :)) I hope it’s feeling okay by the way ❤

  2. I’m the same! I always have so many things to do but then I end up spending time cleaning/organising my surroundings before I can get down to business!

    1. I agree. It’s one of those annoying chores. I finally brought my car into a jiffy lube and they were super quick. Just remember, a car is a lifeline so it is worth the monotony 🙂
      And it feels so good when it’s done. lol

      ❤ Alana

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