Shoop Shoop Hula Hoop

Hello My Dear Darling Friends!  My think lately has been finding ways to workout that don’t feel like work.  Activities like dancing, going for long walks on the beach, helping friends move and this week HULA HOOP!!!

Back in March I talked with a friend about how I need to strengthen my core and melt the fat around my waistline.

She recommended:

1 hr. of Hula Hoop E’ery Day

I was somewhat shocked when she said that.  I had been so proud of the fact that my bf and I hula hooped together for 11 minutes straight when we first bought our house.  1 hour just sounded extra brutal.  Also, she said 30 minutes one direction then 30 minutes the other direction.

The next day I gave it a shot.  I set my timer to 30 minutes and away I went!!  Or around, rather.  I tried listening to all kinds music.  booty shakin’ booty shakin’ music!  and Dancehall was actually a pretty good fit, but it kicked my butt!  And by the time I had to switch I could barely even make it turn the other direction.

The 2nd time was cut short.

And today was the 4th time that I did the 1hr shoop.

My hips feel a little sore from yesterday hoop shoop.  Today I wore one of those neoprene slimming belts and I think that added a little extra kush.

From here on out I am going to try to get my hula hooping in.  Who’s with me?!?!

❤ Alana



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