If It’s Meant To Be They Will Return

There comes a point after you have done everything you could do that you have to wish them the best and let go…

You think back on all of the highs and lows with this person and remember all the times they said that they would be there for you through thick and thin then one day they decided to disappear.

Many words were exchanged and many thoughts from the heart got lost in translation.  Because in the heat of an argument it is easy to get swept into the heat of the moment…  We say hurtful harsh things that we never meant to say, but somehow those cutting words got in the way.

Then one day you realize that they are gone never to return and you reflect and think about all that you learned.

When someone’s upset you best can bet that you cannot convince them to see things your way.  Sometimes they have to go far away.

You feel so much pain from their loss and hope and pray for their return.  But every kind word got answered with a burn.

So you let go and know that if it is meant to be they will return…

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