Workout and Word of the Day: #12

Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

This was my 2nd workout in a row and compared to what I’ve been doing, that’s a big accomplishment.

I made big salads with foods that usually aren’t considered health foods, but they were much healthier choices compared to what we have been eating!  I made a bed of arugula and spinach then topped it with boiled eggs, yes bacon, fresh mushrooms, and feta cheese.  Then I drizzled some homemade dressing which consisted of red wine vinegar, avocado oil, dijon mustard, dry herbs, and pepper.


An hour later I decided that it was time to workout.  It was cardio day and I felt so energized by dinner!

Workout of the Day: HEART PUMPER ❤

Fat Destroyer :

Pop Cardio Summer Sweatfest:  This workout made me work up a sweat!!!

Total Body Slim-Down // PIIT: Do this workout twice!!!

Quick Sweat Fat Burning Circuit!!!

Word of the Day:

splenetic- adjective

  1. Marked by bad temper, malevolence, or spite.

Last night I chatted with a friend and she said that she was planning on going for a walk at 7 today.  My mind immediately thought evening and then I realized that she probably meant 7 am.  I told her that I would try to join her, but was not sure if I would wake up in time….

Sure enough, I woke up around 7:35.  Usually I would tell myself that it was too late to go, but I decided to go anyways since she was planning on walking until 9.  I rolled out of bed then met her at the track and we got over 45 minutes of walking in.

It felt wonderful to get an early start and I am going to wake up earlier tomorrow and meet her for another walk!

How is your week so far?  Have you been staying hydrated?  I started slicing lemons and limes and adding mint to my water and it makes it even more enjoyable.  Yesterday it reached the mid to upper 90’s and today is also supposed to be a hot one!

Stay cool, stay hydrated, and keep up the excellent workouts!!!

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,

❤ Alana xoxoxo

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