Workout and Word of the Day: #32

Hello My Friends!

How are you today?!?!  Last week the rest of my phone screen shattered rendering my phone useless for the time being.  As a result I have been phone-less for about a week now.  It surprisingly hasn’t been too bad and has felt like a retreat.  I haven’t been able to post on instragram, but that’s okay.  I usually use my phone to log in to myfitnesspal and since I haven’t been able to do that I have had to make it a point to sign in and log my food on my computer.

Being able to log in to myfitnesspal is mainly a big deal because today is my 430th day in a row of logging in!!!  I don’t think I have ever stuck to Anything for 430 consecutive days in a row before so this is a big accomplishment for me 🙂  Do you have myfitnesspal?  If so, maybe we can be friends!

Workout of the Day: BACK DAYYY!!!

This was a fun little workout.  If you need more of a challenge you can do this one twice!

I think we have done this one before.  It is one of my favorite gentle back workouts.  No equipment necessary for this one!

I was surprised by how challenging this next workout ended up being.  I used light weights and could still feel the burn!!!

I love Rebecca Louise!  She is so upbeat and encouraging!  I think I want to do this ab workout everyday.  It is challenging and fun!!!

I absolutely love these good posture workouts.  I have noticed that when I do them, I wake up pain free the next day!!!

*Grrr my mouse is being crrazy today so I might not be able to use my usual heading settings and I am too lazy to code the html so please bear with me 🙂

Word of the day:

flagrant- adjective

  1. Conspicuously offensive.

In a flagrant violation of the family’s code of ethics, someone had finished the  ice cream and left the empty container in the freezer.

Thanks for joining me for today’s workout and word of the day!!!!  Stay tuned for some good total body workouts next time!!!

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,

❤ Alana Xoxoxo

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