Terry Fold Rap!

How many of you are Rick & Morty fans?


My boyfriend and I might be a little obsessed!


Rick and Morty gives us a reason to party on a Sunday night ❤

This past weeks episode played with the whole idea of detoxing and what happens to our toxins once they are released from our bodies.  Do our toxic selves take on personalities of their own?!?!


But the creator’s of Rick and Morty saved the BEST for last and created a hilarious outro about the “Terry Fold.”


What is a terry fold?  No one really knows, but we decided to write a rap then got it produced by professional rapper Cam James, himself.


I got a million reasons
so theres no need to explain
just why I’m grabbin all these terry’s
and i’ll never refrain
fold it up, flip it, don’t let it get dry
I wanna fly away with you though an alien sky
up down up down show me the way
you just gotta do this if you wanna get paid
i promise that ill tear it if you wanna get lose
let me stick this plumbus in that foldy caboose

I got a blenkflark just for you, but you gotta get told by the terry flap crew
so tell me, where you tryna go. cuz im just tryinda get a nut up in that terry fold.
you stupid bitch
you stupid fucking bitch

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,

❤ Alana Xoxoxo

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