Workout and Word of the Day: #43

Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

Happy Labor Day!  I hope you have had a chance to enjoy this long weekend.  My boyfriend and I just grabbed iced coconut cold brew coffee and drove around town (in our pajamas 😉 21372532_793122997537099_7422733339041202176_n

We like to keep our lives fairly simple on these long weekends and stay close to home because I know that a lot of people are travelling.  We don’t want to clog up the highway unnecessarily so we have been saving our road trips for Mondays and days when most people are working.  I guess it is one of the blessings of working from home you can take your office with you wherever you go!

My booty is sore from today’s workout, but it is so good to know that my workouts are working!!!

Workout of the Day: BOOTY + BALLET + YIN YOGA

This is one of my favorite songs and my new favorite warm-up dance!  ENJOY!!!

I must admit that I was on a roll with this workout then at the 38 minute point my bf wanted to go for a walk to share some exciting news.  Then we got scoops of blackberry ice cream…  Then a few hours later I returned to the workout and finished strongly!!!

Sometimes “life happens” and you have to take a break, but never give up!  Just go back and pick up right where you left off!!!

We scream for ice cream ❤

Since we had ice cream, it called for a heftier workout than planned 😉

5 Moves to Lift Your Butt and 5 Tips to Live Your BEST Life!!!

Brutal Booty is definitely one of my faves:

Butt Lifting and Thigh Sculpting For Beginners: Don’t be fooled by the fact that this is a beginner workout, you can still work it!!!

Butt Workout for a Nicely Shaped Booty:  Grab a bar or a stable chair for this one.  It is an exercise in balance and stability!

Perky Butt Challenge:  One move, but it BURNS!!!

I have always enjoyed doing Jennifer Kries’s Workouts.  This Ballet workout was wonderful!

I have been feeling so good from doing pilates lately so I wanted to make sure that I did a mini pilates mat workout:

If you have gotten this far with the workouts…  YOU ARE A ROCKSTAR!!!  Even if you skipped a few, that’s totally cool as long as you spent some time off of the couch!!!  You have earned this Restorative Yoga Flow!

Word of the Day:

serotinal- adjective

  1. Pertaining to or occurring in late summer.

Thank you for joining me for another workout and word of the day!!!  I have started to crave these workouts thanks to the extra energy boosts I get.  I can also feel my posture improving!!!  See you next time!!!

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,

❤ Alana Xoxoxo

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