Workout and Word of the Day: #48

Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

I think that summer is bowing out gracefully in the upper left USA region of the world.  I was so happy when it started to lightly rain yesterday.  We have had many forest fires in several surrounding states and it was badly affecting the air quality.  It was a perfect time to start praying for rain ❤

My Bf and I recently got a high powered gaming laptop and a VR HTC VIVE head set.  Virtual reality is a trip!  You can go on crazy rollercoasters, slay monsters with a crossbow, and our latest craze has been VR Boxing.  I am still sore from a fight 2 days ago!

I decided to dust off my stability ball and do some stability ball workouts.

Workout of the Day: Stability Ball Workouts!!!

This is a workout that would have been even more challenging for me a month ago.  The stability ball encourages you to engage your core even more throughout the workout.  It also helps to improve balance.

Word of the Day:

disport- verb

  1. Divert; amuse.
  2. Display
  3. To amuse oneself in a light or lively fashion: frolic

I think if I needed to choose a single word to describe this summer it would be an action verb and my verb would be “disport.”  I have had a chance to relax, play computer games, and generally disconnect from the world outside of this blog.  There was even a few weeks in August in which I was phone-less.  That’s right, my cellphone screen had shattered a few months ago and  the whole phone eventually gave out, but it worked out.  And by the time my birthday rolled around at the end of august, my new screen came in and my bf was able to rebuild my entire phone 🙂

My workouts have honestly become the highlight of my day and these posts my mission (outside of the long walks and mini impromptu road trips) and if I am completely real I can admit that I have become a little lazy.

I am ready to get back into go-getter mode once again.  School starts in 2 weeks and it is time for me to find my routine!

Are you ready for the fall season?!  What are your 3 top priorities in life?  Comment below to share!

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,

❤ Alana Xoxoxo

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