Where Have I Been? Life Update & Some Inspiration for You

Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

I have missed you!  You may be wondering why I dropped off the face of this beautiful wordpress world after spending all summer consistently posting workouts and heart to hearts.  Or maybe you have been so busy with your own life that you didn’t notice.

I bet you have missed my Transform Your Life Project 2.0 posts.  This year I have been the least consistent in writing my project posts.  For the past 2 years I almost wouldn’t miss a week.  I have done a Happiness Project.   And now that I think about it, I was probably consistently posting for about a month before I fell off, but I also didn’t have a computer.  Even before that, it took me two years of brainstorming, thinking, and wanting to do a “Happiness Project” before I pulled myself together enough to organize one.

Last year I absolutely ROCKED at creating weekly posts for my “Transform Your Life Project”.  I have to say though that I was stuck and stagnant in toxic mindset that kept me from busting out of my cocoon.

This year I have posted the least amount when it comes to my Transformation Project, but I must say that I have been working my butt off and have been transforming.

I have to be real with you, my friends; Transforming is NOT for the faint of heart! 

You have to step outside of yourself and change.  You know that nagging voice that reminds you that veggies would be a better choice than that chow mein???  Or you should grab a banana or a handful of blueberries rather than that pint of ice cream?  Choose veggies over pizza and mac and cheese.  It would be a great idea to wake up early and get a fresh start even though bed feels so warm and inviting…  Listen to that voice.  It may nag you, but that voice has got your back and is just trying to help you.

Then there is that toxic voice who clouds your mind every time you look in the mirror.  Here you are putting your whole heart and soul into working out and making healthier choices.  You are getting out of bed, moving your body, and saying no thank you when the delicious bread and bottle of wine gets passed your way.  You know in your heart that you are in a way better place than you were even just a week ago because you are choosing to invest in YOU…  Which also happens to be the ULTIMATE INVESTMENT.

Even still, somehow that toxic voice found a way to creep in.  She looks in the mirror and says,

“damn  girl! All those squats and veggie eatin’ ain’t workin’ for you.  (Of course she doesn’t have great grammar… ummm consider the sournce?)  Why are you even trying so hard.  You are meant to be big and not matter how hard you try, you probably won’t see the results you’re after.  Go on with your bad little self.  Grab a handful of those hot cheetos.  Heck, eat the whole bag it won’t hurt no one.  Also you should totally order a large pizza.  Oh and lets eat  a whole box of ice cream sandwiches too while we’re at it.  Get it hoe!!!”

Yeah, that toxic voice doesn’t respect you and is not a dependable entity to listen to.  Why do we do it?  I think because that voice speaks to the tired and exhausted side of us.  It feeds our fears, engages the senses and appeals to our desires, but following her will not lead us to reaching our goals.

Transforming especially on a weightloss or growth journey is f-ing HARD.  It is a treacherous journey that requires discipline and consistency. And don’t get me wrong, it can be fun too!  But it is also easy to get discouraged.  That is kind of how I feel.  I have been working hard to make better choices.  I have been deliberately challenging and applying myself to learning, but this week I was not able to work out because I was crazy busy with school.  I caught myself worrying that I am putting my weight back on because I do not have as much time to dedicate to the workouts as I used to.

I had to pull myself aside and remind myself that this transformation is not going to be clear and linear, but I CAN DO IT!!!

So I want to remind YOU that YOU CAN DO IT TOO!!!  Please do it you are so worth-it!!!  I believe in you and I am right here cheering you on!!!

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,

❤ Alana xoxoxo




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