Take A Step Back & Breathe

Take a step back and breathe…

This has been challenging for me to do throughout my entire life.

I like to take on a lot and POWER THROUGH. And when others have come to me with their problems and concerns. I always gave them lots of thought and consideration often allowing their problems to become my problems…

Don’t get me wrong, it is good to help others, but make sure you help yourself first. If you are drained, empty, and depleted; you may have nothing left to offer.

Identify and acknowledge your weaknesses.

The first step is having a sense of awareness and then enough humility to strengthen that weakness.

In this year, I have learned that I crumble under stress and do not handle it well. Last quarter I got pinkeye (which kept me home from school) and a rather debilitating muscle injury. I could barely walk for almost a month. Right now I have a terrible case of the flu that has kept me home from school…

What do all of these instances have in common? I was under a lot of stress each time. My bf was working abroad. My dad was in the hospital. My mom broke her arm. I had a super heavy and challenging course load and was so worried that I would fall behind…

Yes, I have had a lot going on, but this is also the way that life is. I cannot expect it to constantly be smoothe sailing. When things get hard I want to be able to weather the storm and stand my ground.

It is going to take practice since I have gotten use to crumbling under stress.

For now I will take a step back and breathe.

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