There Is Not Enough Time To Be Everything to Everyone

There is so much that I want to do and so many people that I want to help.

I want to learn about everything.

I want to be able to help the people that I love and to make a difference in the world.

I want to dance and create beautiful art.

To go on grand adventures and live my life out loud.

Life can be long or short and sometimes it feels like both.

Other times life feels endless and we find ourselves living from paycheck to paycheck and wanting more.

We find ourselves faced with longing or wanting to fill a space within our hearts that feels like a void.

Maybe it is space that is necessary.  Maybe we need that space to grow into ourselves.

Room for growth.

Spend your time doing things that bring your joy, but also make some time to challenge yourself and step outside of your box.  Step outside of yourself and stretch farther than you planned.

Be generous with your time and talents, but make sure that you reserve some time and energy for renewal.

And just remember that there is not enough time to be everything to everyone so lend a helping hand where you can and cherish those moments because they are memories in the making.


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