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A few days ago, a family friend asked me to show one of her friends some of my art.  I didn’t have any on my phone so I figured it would be easy for me to pull up my blog and find pictures of a few of my paintings, but to my surprise, it was a serious struggle!

I tried searching my tags, but had no luck there.  The whole process took forever and a half until I finally found some painting pictures embedded at the very beginning of my blogging journey.

I am going to write this post to showcase some of my past art.

I think this picture was taken about 16 years ago…  I won an essay contest and was invited to a press conference in the Governor’s Mansion.  He also asked me to bring my watercolor paining.  I am joined by my dearest friends and mentors: Christina Pelton (my art teacher), Mr. Joe Baque (my piano teacher), and Mrs. Helen DePastel Pagels (my violin teacher.

This was my very first watercolor painting ever.  It is a violin with sheet music of the song Toccatina.

I like to call this next watercolor painting: “House of Light.”

House of Light
Watercolor by ~Me

I was very artistic and musical as a child and teenager.  The sketch is of myself and my duet partner.  We were both students of Mrs. Pagels and we played the “Bach Double’s Concerto” at solo and ensemble and the young artists’ festival.

IMG_0217 (1)
Bach Doubles Sketch

This was one of the last times that I used masking fluid to get a pure white color.  I had a masking fluid mishap on a painting that was almost complete and decided to look into different techniques.

Winter's Dream
“Winter’s Dream”Watercolor by Me

I always wanted to be a Ballerina since I was very young.  I never became a ballerina, but I was able to paint some…  Also, I have started to take some ballet classes.  It is NEVER too late to learn ❤

IMG_0214 (1)

In this next painting I used a pouring technique and only utilized a brush to create the tree trunks.  It was magical to watch the pigment meld together organically.

Watercolor by Me

I painted this next painting as a Christmas gift for my piano teacher, Mr. Baque in 2001.  My mom and I went to see him perform at the Farmer’s Market this past summer and his wife said that they have the painting hung up where they can see it everyday.

A picture of “Garden of Prayer”

I had to do an island girl painting of course!

IMG_0308 (1)
“Island Girls” watercolor by Me

Hopefully someday soon we will visit Thailand and I can paint some more.

IMG_0216 (1)
Water color by Me

I like to refer to this next painting as my “Coming of Age Painting”  I wanted it to be sexxy, sensual, and beautiful.  At the time, I was obsessed with butterflies.  This painting ended up being the image for a poster advertising a Mardi Gras Fundraiser event.  The colors of the butterfly are mardi-gras colors and the woman is wrapped in musical notes of the song “Praeludium & Allegro” which is a song that I played as a soloist with the symphony.

Remember that poster I told you about?  This is a handbill that we passed out, but the actual poster was a larger size.
IMG_0289 (1)
“Beauty in Darkness”

Beauty in Darkness is the last watercolor painting that I completed and it has been about 5 years since I have picked up a watercolor paintbrush.  I don’t think I even own a watercolor palette anymore.

I am thinking of starting to paint again, but I will start small and gradually improve my artistic skills.  Painting was like meditation for me.  It was so relaxing and brought me a sense of peace.

I am glad that I took some time to write this post.  Hopefully if someone else asks to see my art I will be prepared and know where to find it.

Do you like to paint?  If not, have you thought of trying?  There are endless mediums and ways to start painting.  Comment below to share!  We can learn together.

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,

❤ Alana xoxoxo

13 thoughts on “My Art

    1. Thank you Christina! I always get afraid that since it has been so long I have lost my artistic touch, but I guess it gets better with practice 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by and hopefully I will have more to show you soon!

      ❤ Alana

    1. Thank you Paula! I have had several offers on my art through the years, but had a hard time parting with them. Maybe in the future if I end up painting a lot I will try selling them 🙂

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