Remember To Explore Your World

This holiday season has been more merry, warm, and bright because my sister is back in my life!  When we were apart it felt like a MAJOR part of my ❤ was missing.

We have been going on many grand adventures.  Like last Thursday I picked her up late at night and she brought us some of her homemade bread pudding!

The flavors and the spice were oh SO nice!!!

The next day we woke up nice and early and headed north!  We had a big day ahead of us!!!

We rolled down our windows and turned the music up as we rolled across the Tacoma Narrow’s Bridge and headed to the Downtown Tacoma waterfront!



It was a Beautiful Blue Sky Day!!!
They are building an ice skating rink right on the water!  


Aunya and I

We went on a nice long walk along the water and I got to watch Aunya and her boyfriend skateboard.  After that we headed to the Jewel Box Cafe where we got delicious bubble teas!

Look at that colorful, illustrious bubble tea menu!!! 

Here we are with our bubble teas!  I love how sassy Aunya looks 🙂

We sat up on the 2nd floor of the cafe!


So take some time to go some place new and explore your world!!!

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,

❤ Alana Xoxoxo


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