My Filthy Mind

Living Out Loud

My filthy mind tells me that I am never good enough.  It keeps me in a place of constant doubt and fear.

Thoughts of self-defeat, loss, being victimized, and powerless. Filthy.

My fears of failure are all fithy.

That voice in my head that tells me I am too old and that I shouldn’t even try.

The fear that it is too late for me and my chances have all been used and passed.

The feeling that all good things will never last…

My crazy little insecurities and feelings of inadequacy are filthy.  Haunting and taunting me and keeping me from becoming the best version of myself.

My filthy thoughts stunt my growth and keep me desperately surviving rather than flourishing and thriving.

If any of my words here feel relateable to YOU, then get your filthy mind OUT OF THE GUTTER!!!

What should we do with filth?…

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