The End of an Era… A New Beginning

Yesterday I took a walk down memory lane…

I was helping my sister pack up her stuff for her new beginning and I started to feel emotional too.  This often happens with change.  How do you pack up your life into boxes and bags?…

I have gone through this process many times and every time I let some things go…

It feels good to be in the position of choosing what to leave behind and what to take with you on your next adventure.  My new favorite approach has been to only keep the things that bring me joy.  Very Marie Kondo-esque if you ask me and I am so thankful that she introduced me to the Lifechanging MAGIC of tidying up.

Because that’s just what it is…  MAGICAL!

We headed home and sis added me on social media which was a huge honor and to my surprise she still had pictures of my favorite memories…

This time we took a Trip down memory lane…

We always loved taking pictures in this tunnel ❤
Here we go again!  2 summers later.

Sister and I have had our ups and downs just like most family members and I feel so blessed that she is back in my life!

Love & Light & I miss my long hair…
I miss being more fit…
We love our Grandma Alice and miss Grandpa Leo…
And there are some memories that I almost don’t remember…



After our last Cycle the WAVE Bike ride.


2011 – 2012 was a magical time for me.  I really took off with my healing and made an active and deliberate effort to grow stronger and become happy once again.  I was very close to my sister and my family and we did lots of fun things together like signed up and ran 10 Ks and went on vacation at the beach in the summer.  I met my first love in 2010 then over a year later we got together.  Once we got together it was short and sweet, but we were able to squeeze in quality memories.

For the first time ever after being so beautifully broken, I started to believe that I was strong, I was beautiful, and I was worthy of love.  The heartbreak after our mutual break-up was excruciating and I wasn’t sure that I would ever recover, but it is true that time heals…

The end of 2012 was hell and I struggled like heck the next 3 years.  Working 3-4 jobs just to make ends meet.  I stayed in survival mode, chopped off my long hair (from the advice of a friend at the time.  I know she was just trying to help, but I greatly regretted it), and put on a ton of weight.  Weight that I am still struggling with to this day.

When I look back, I try to think of what I did differently back then…  Health and fitness was my priority and I was always taking on new challenges.  I wanted to heal and my will was strong.  I was vegan and then vegetarian for almost two years and that helped me tremendously with my health and fitness.

I drank tea rather than coffee.  Prayed everyday and wanted to be my very best.

Family is Forever ❤

5 years later and I am doing a lot better.  I was able to heal my body and soul from the trauma I went through by actively moving forward from my past and no longer dwelling in the past.  I also healed my heart and have found true love.

I greatly struggle with my weight and creating healthy habits because in those years of struggle I learned to cope with my hurt and pain with food.  I need to change this because our dad is suffering as a result of unhealthy habits and being too heavy.  I have those genetics and I need to lower my weight and get healthy too.

My walk, trip, and skip down memory lane was magical.

It reminded me of where I have been and how much I have struggled, but that I have also experienced true joy.  It reminded me that I have it in me to lose weight and get healthy.  Somewhere deep inside my will is strong.  I just need to make the commitment.

After yesterday my heart feels heavy, but that is because my heart is full.

It is the end of an era, but also a New Beginning!

New Beginnings

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,

❤ Alana



5 thoughts on “The End of an Era… A New Beginning

  1. I always think change is the most difficult thing and I avoid it, but it’s also the chance as an adult to recreate yourself:)

      1. I’ve done it a time or two- it’s scary but also exhilarating to realize what the body and mind are capable of

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