Realize What You Have While You Can

Sometimes we have something
without truly knowing what we have.

Sometimes we hold something
without knowing completely what we hold.

Sometimes we are given something
without fully appreciating what we are given.

But that knowledge usually comes
when we realize what we have lost.


I hate to admit that I am often guilty of taking my blessings for granted and when that happens I become complacent.

It’s not enough to say “thank you” or even “I know I am blessed, BUT…”

Actually saying, “I know I am blessed” minus the “but” may be enough if we truly realize how valuable our blessings are.

In times of great struggle and pain I usually focus on my blessings and pray for more, but it is a shame that when things are going decently well I still have the nerve to complain…

I am grateful for my blessings, but I want to do more than just say thank you.  I want to show that I am thankful by taking action.

I will cultivate my gifts and my blessings by working hard and challenging myself to be my very best.

I want to realize what I have while I can.

4 thoughts on “Realize What You Have While You Can

  1. Hey Alana, that is so true. Love the quote. I might just take it over in my bullet journal… I try to write down a line per day, to think about my blessings. I sometimes think, I’m chasing something that I shouldn’t force. But I still do that, because I’m scared I don’t demand enough in life… The balance is so difficult to find… xoxo Sarah

    1. Hi Sarah!
      It would be wonderful if you end up putting the quote in your bullet journal. I was thinking of starting a bullet journal soon since I am on winter break for almost a month. I just started writing my blessings at the end of the day for the past 3 days. I think I am coming out of a long period of taking my blessings for granted and sadly being a little complacent. I reflected and noticed that the best times in my life were the times when I wrote down my blessings and was running regularly.
      I think you are on a wonderful track. You have made big, bold life changes and there is a transitional period that comes with that. The balance can be challenging, but you are definitely finding your way. xoxo

      ❤ Alana

  2. I love this! I feel the same way so often. Sometimes we just need to stop and put things in perspective (like the post did!) and we realize all of the little blessings in life. Thanks for a great post!

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