We Get the Love We Accept.

Living Out Loud


I hate when I am doing just fine and then someone comes into my life and rocks my world for better or worse.  I was doing my own damn thing.  I wasn’t looking, they found me, things are great for two months then I find myself caring and wondering…

I want to know what’s important to them.  What cheers them up when they’re feeling sad.  What and who inspires and uplifts them.  Do they believe in God?  What are their hopes, dreams, and fears and how can I help them to reach, face, or conquer them?  I look forward to creating beautiful memories, laughter that lasts forever, and doing all the things that I know I can look forward to looking back on.

Life is a Grand Adventure in itself, but there is nothing like sharing the journey with a companion, having a partner in crime, working towards a victory…

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