Happy Birthday Dear: Living Out Loud Blog!!!

Today is my Living Out Loud Blog’s birthday!  First of all I want to thank all of you for joining me for my adventures and encouraging and supporting me through my ups and downs.  Your support means the world to me and your stories inspire me.

I started this blog 5 years ago…  I was heart-broken, depressed, and computer-less, but I knew that I needed a creative outlet that would help me to learn and grow.  Blogging also gave me the gift of community and helped me to learn and grow from the stories of others.

This was my very 1st post:


Those first 3 years of blogging were some of my darkest days.  I was deeply depressed, discouraged, and feeling stuck.  I didn’t have a computer until 2015 so it was difficult for me to continue blogging, but I did my best to drop a note here and there on my phone.

I became more consistent with blogging in 2015 and have continued to write and explore ever since.  I don’t exactly have a specific niche it is more of a mosaic of all of my interests and the lessons I have learned.

I started doing a yearly “Happiness Project” starting in 2013:

Visit my Happiness Project Here!

And for the past two years I have done a “Transform Your Life Project:

Transform Your Life Project

This year I honestly dropped the ball on my project, but I plan on doing another one in 2018 and I would love it if you joined me!!!  Comment below if you are interested and we can create a plan together.

Here are my finest posts of 2017.  Enjoy!!!

January: “When I Grow Up I Want To Be A Crazy Little Cat Lady!”

January was a fun month.  We started slowing down on the yurt building and I started my “Dancing Molecules Dancing Bodies” program.  We also got a brand new kitten!

February: “Too Blessed To Be Stressed”

This was a nice little reminder to myself…

March: “I Long For A Life With Less”

Usually it is more, but in my case it is less ❤

April: “Every New Beginning Comes From Some Beginning’s End”

Here are some tips on how to heal a broken heart. May your heart and soul heal and may you be complete and free ❤

May: “Humiliation To The Highest Degree”

Here’s your chance to read about one of my most embarrassing moments.  And a very unflattering photo too 😉

June: “Are They Faithful?”

Did I ever tell you about the time that I found a way to find out if someone’s girlfriend or boyfriend is cheating on Tinder?  Well, I have and you can read about it in this post!

July:  “I Miss My Sis”

I was missing my sis more than ever.  But I have learned that prayers do work and miracles happen everyday.  My sister and I have been reunited. Xoxoxo.

August: “Terry Fold Rap”

Did I ever tell you about the time that my boyfriend and I wrote a rap and got it produced?!  Well, we did and this is what happened.  It was inspired by “Rick and Morty!”

September: “Do You Bumble? Then Buzz Humble”

Do you remember how I told you a few months ago that I found a way to find someone on Tinder?  Well, a few months later I found a way to find someone on Bumble!  And it works!  I honestly feel like a detective 🙂

October: “That’s How You Know It’s Real”

One of my favorite songs and written from the heart about relationships.

November: “The Wounds Hurt Us Into Healing”

Yes, they absolutely do!

December: “The End of an Era… A New Beginning”

This feels like the story of my life right now and I am excited to find out what comes next!!!

If you have made it to this point and are still reading, thank you.  I know that this is a super long post and it means the world to me that you have stuck with it this long!

Here are some of my favorite blogs/bloggers!  Please pay them a visit:

  1. Sarah’s Cup of Beauty Sarah is one of my dearest blog friends.  She writes reviews, tips, tricks, and shares lessons she has learned on her journey.
  2. Artful Aspirations Ash is such a talented artist and tells her story and shares her ideas with her beautiful art.  She will inspire you to want to become an artist too.
  3. PT Contender Jess is a definite contender to become one of the greatest physical therapists.  She is always so positive and inspiring and driven to learn and grow.  Follow her journey as she works towards her goals and dreams.
  4. The Travelling Diary of a Dippy Dotty Girl I love visiting her blog.  She is a remarkable writer and every time I visit I feel like I have traveled to a new place.  She inspires me to be more adventurous and she will inspire you too!
  5. Never A Dull Bling I adore Paula and have had the joy of being inspired by her for several years now.  She is in her 40’s and chasing that bling by completing half-marathons and more.  She will inspire you to grab your running shoes and chase your dreams relentlessly.
  6. Fat On The Inside Linda has made an incredible transformation and shares her story with us.  She is so inspiring and witty and infuses some much-needed humor and inspiration into each post.
  7. The Katalogue I love visiting and having coffee with Kat.  I have also been very interested in skin care.  Kat talks about skincare and will inspire you to love the skin you’re in.

I wish I could include even more of my favorite blogs because there are way more, but we would be sitting here for days so I will leave you with these wonderfully amazing ladies.  Enjoy!

Now I would like to talk about my future plans for “Living Out Loud.”  I want to continue learning and growing and sharing my lessons and grand adventures with you!  I plan on doing a “Transform Your Life Project” or some kind of project that promotes a healthy lifestyle with monthly SMART goals.  Do you have any ideas for a good 2018 project?  If so, please comment below!

I plan on creating more art.  It has been a couple of years since I have done any real watercolor painting and I would like to start creating again.

I plan on living a healthy lifestyle and getting fit and hopefully doing more “Workouts and Word of the Day” posts than I did in 2017.

I have also been dancing around the thought of possibly doing youtube videos.  Would you all be interested in seeing some videos?  If so please comment below!

Thanks again for continuing to follow me and taking time to read about my adventures!  I hope you will enjoy all that the rest of 2017 has to offer!!!

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,

❤ Alana Xoxoxo

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Dear: Living Out Loud Blog!!!

  1. Ohmigosh Alana! Thank you so much for such kind words! I particularly like how we’ve been able to connect on Instagram so that I can keep up with you even when I slack in the blog department, lol! Happy Birthday Blog! xoxo

    1. Thank you Paula! Me too! I have noticed also that my blog reader doesn’t always show my favorite blogs so I have to search for you and feel behind in my reading. I hope you and your family will have a very merry Christmas! This might actually be the year that I consistently dedicate enough time to training. I have my eyes on the Seattle Rock and Roll half and there is enough time to train and budget 🙂 I wanted to do one before I turned 30 and I turn 30 next August. Happy Training and thanks for being an inspiration!

      ❤ Alana

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