Workout and Word of the Day: #6

Our home has been transformed into a construction zone for the best reason ever.  My sister and her boyfriend have been hard at work installing hardwood floors in our living room and it looks absolutely amazing with EXTRA ZING!!!

Our garage is full of sawdust and woods chips and my treadmill is folded up for a mini vacation.  Long story short, I have taken a 2 day break from running and I think it has been good for my body and my joints to recover.

I have continued to practice yoga and do some resistance training, but my workouts have been low impact since I am trying not to jump upstairs.

Today’s workout was a lot easier than what I have been doing, but I could still tell that my muscles were working.

Workout of the Day: 20 Minute Weightloss Workout + Yoga

20 Minute Weightloss Workout | No Equipment Necessary!

Day 5 High Yoga: 5/30 Days of True

Word of the Day:

suspiration- noun

  1. A long, deep sigh.

Today’s workout was not hard, but it was still good.  I am learning that every workout doesn’t have to be hard and consistency is key.

I went light clothing shopping for a new bra and a kickass treefoil hoodie!

I found out that I went up a cup size and I no longer have to wear extra large clothes!!!  It is thrilling to know that these workouts are paying off!!!

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,

❤ Alana xoxoxo

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