Battling Those Late Night Munchies

Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

It’s been awhile, hasn’t it?  I have had 2 areas of focus for the past few weeks…

I don’t eat sugar and flour anymore.

I plan out my meals the night before and precisely measure them.

I still drink coffee with cream, but never add sweetener…  Nope, not even stevia.

And and AND; I have decided to take a break from exercise while I am working so hard on losing weight.

My skin is clearing up!

My clothes are fitting better!

My headaches have gone away and I like the person I am becoming.

The only problem is…

Those DAMN Midnight munchies will be the END of me!!!

I could have a clean, pristine day then all of a sudden wreck it with a slice of cheese or some triscuits.

I have noticed this pattern especially in this past week and I am ready to change it.

I have decided that those late night hours after 10 pm are dangerous for me and I ought to just go to bed.

I have accepted this self-given challenge and am ready to move forward!

What do you do when those midnight munchies hit?  Please comment below to share you tips and tricks!

11 thoughts on “Battling Those Late Night Munchies

  1. I have started falling into bed by 10pm just by dint of jetlag but hey it is a good thing I see now. No temptation to snack And I get up early. Who knew jetlag could harbour good? All the best with your endeavour. xx

  2. I’m with Dippy-Dotty… I go to bed as early as I can. Sometimes I think we eat when we are tired to try to gain new energy. I’ve noticed my child does that as well… he wants to stay up later so he eats. Good luck with it Alana! Hoping you tackle the midnight cravings! You’re doing awesome!! xoxo

    1. Thanks Paula! Yes, I think you are both onto something good. A big reason why these midnight munchies bother me so much is that I think they end up happening out of boredom or like you said, trying to get an extra little boost of energy. I think I am ready to head to bed earlier and get an earlier start 🙂 I hope you are having a wonderful year so far. We have had quite a rain streak lately, haven’t we? I hope the sun will come out soon!

      1. Me too! I’m so tired of the treadmill and the rain, lol!! I wanted to go out for a run today but I’m stuck, 😦 . It’s just pouring today, ugh! We’ll pray for sunshine soon, 😀

      2. Yes, I am going to pray for sunshine right along with you! The occasional rainy run is okay once in a blue moon, but rain and runs don’t mix very well overtime 🙂

  3. Sleep it off!!!! I always feel that way since I’m trying to do intermittent fasting. I always end up sleeping with an ’empty’ stomach. I always fight it off by sleeping. 😀

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