Be-YOU-tifully YOU Project: Week #4

Sip Sip

Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

We have reached the final day of January 2018, but it is still only the beginning of a beautiful year!

This past week was decent.  I did a great job of eating healthy meals throughout the day, but I must say that I was haunted by the midnight munchies and they had a lot of power over me this entire week.

It was also the week that I tried giving up exercise completely to focus on nutrition.  I can see how this approach could be very effective especially once I got into a consistent routine, but it gave me a lot of extra time and I wasn’t sure what to do.

A lot of my cravings were fueled by habit.  Most of the time I was’t even hungry, but if a snack or food was offered I didn’t say, “no thank you.”

I decided to let myself have these last few days of January to be a little less strict and work things out.  Tomorrow I am going to get back on track.  I think that I will  also set a rule for myself like, “No eating after 7 pm.”

My break from exercise lasted up until Sunday morning and then my friend Tara invited me to go for a swim on Sunday night.  I decided to start my day with Buti Yoga and my energy started to soar.  Swimming felt amazing and I am so glad that I decided to go!  Tara and I have created a schedule that will soon turn into a routine of swimming on Mon/ Tues/ and Thurs!!!  We went for our 2nd swim on Tuesday and we are swimming again tomorrow!!!



  • Get your beauty sleep.  Still doing a great job with this, but still need to wake up earlier.
  • Follow a morning ritual and a nightly routine.  I didn’t really do this at all this week.  I think having a set routine will help me to keep my munchies in check 😉
  • Complete homework early.  I also need to get more homework done.  This goes back to needing a routine.
  • Commit and follow through promptly.  This wasn’t great either.
  • Create a healthy routine. Not really.
  • Eat Clean. About 50/50
  • Plan ahead and prepare (keep a food journal and write a daily schedule).  I’ve done better with this on past weeks.
  • Exercise daily.  Nope.
  • Do what you Must.  Thank goodness tomorrow is a new month!

This past week, my goal list turned into a bunch of things that need work and I am okay with that.  I set many big goals for myself so that I am more likely to reach a few in the process.  I am happy about the fact that I am stressing less and able to move forward quicker than I could before.

I am looking forward to February and am ready to bring my BEST!!!



  • Count your blessings.
  • Learn about faith.
  • Actively build your confidence.
  • Believe in Miracles.
  • Believe in Yourself!

How was your week?  What were some of your highlights?  Comment below to share!!!

Gotta love the weekly pic!  I love how eating more fruits and veggies and cutting out the crap has given my skin a Glow ❤

I hope you will have a FANTASTIC February!!!

Be Real. Be True.  Be-YOU-tifully YOU!!!

❤ Alana xoxoxo

5 thoughts on “Be-YOU-tifully YOU Project: Week #4

  1. Maybe you need to have more protein at dinner so you’re not hungry at night. Night is also when I knit or read so I’m distracted:)

    1. Yes, I think you have a good point, AJ. I am going to add more protein at dinner and am going to find an evening hobby. I love that idea and I have always wanted to learn how to knit! Thanks for the suggestions!

      ❤ Alana

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