I Am Changing Out Of My Pajamas Now…

I am changing out of my pajamas now, but I have decided not to leave the house.  I also don’t plan on putting on a bra!

I basically just switched out my pajama pants for some comfy yoga pants and threw on a sweatshirt.  I did all the routine hygiene things hours ago so there’s no problem there 😉

I have just been feeling pulled in lots of different directions.  There are things I know I should do and places I wanted to go that would have distracted me from doing those things.  And when there are too many options it is easy to get overwhelmed.

So…  I am staying in.  I might take Ruby for a walk and get some fresh air later in the day, but I will keep my car parked in the driveway so that I cannot escape from the items on my to-do-list.

I have been great at distracting myself for years and just recently learned how to stay focused and on task.  I guess it’s one of the benefits of Computer Programming.  It’s hard to make progress if you don’t sit still and focus.  Nurturing this skill has given me something to focus on.

Now that we have established the fact that I am staying in, I do have to say that I made it comfortable and ordered some Chinese food for a late lunch and I have some matcha honey chia pudding waiting for me in the fridge!  Life is good.

Oh I gotta go!  I just heard the *doorbell* I think the food is here!!!



2 thoughts on “I Am Changing Out Of My Pajamas Now…

  1. On our ski trips, the person who has done the stupidest thing is awarded ‘the pants of doom’ to be worn on the slopes the next day. These are usually pyjama bottoms (they are large enough to wear salopettes underneath them; we’re not that cruel). We do get some funny looks from other skiers as to why some idiot is skiing in their PJ’s!

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