Stuck And Stagnant? Create a mosaic from the pieces of the puzzle that used to fit together perfectly.

I feel so blessed that this is in the distant past and I have had a chance to heal and create the life that I dream of living.
Always keep moving forward because time flies by no matter what you are doing. Are you going to have a good day or a bad day? You cannot control what happens around you, but you can choose your response!

❤ Alana Xoxoxo

Living Out Loud

This is how I have felt…  Stuck and Stagnant and it is the worst feeling imaginable.  If I take time to really look deeper at the feeling I would say it is an illusion that comes from fear and the fact that I’ve been comparing myself to others and to well… ME.

I am NOT stuck I am a SURVIVOR.  If I had stayed in that situation I would have been stuck and maybe even dead, but I kept a level-head and was able to pull myself out of that situation.

My worst fear even before I got into the relationship was being stuck and stagnant and when I was there I truly was stuck, but I do know that when I get to this place of being (or rather feeling) I don’t always make the best choices for my future.  What gives me faith though was that even in…

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