I Can’t Stand the Rain!

Is it just me or has it been extra rainy these past few months?

I caught myself feeling a little down and wondering if it was depression then I realized that it had rained for 3 weeks (maybe even longer) nonstop.  Sometimes a consistent flow of rain does amplify the winter blues.  I am pretty sure that is all it is.  The winter blues…

I had spent the entire week trying not to exercise and trying to focus on nutrition, but I still couldn’t shake off those pesky midnight munchies.  In that moment, my friend Tara called.  I am so glad she did.  We had a chance to chat and catch up and at the end of our conversation she invited me to go swimming.

That night we made plans to swim the next day and it gave me something to look forwards to.  The pool on campus didn’t open until 6:30 pm so I had the whole day to do whatever I wanted to.  I chose to start my day with Yoga and by the time evening rolled around I was ready to go.  It was such a nice surprise when my boyfriend decided to join us and workout in the gym.  I am hoping that someday soon he will come swim with me 🙂

Tara and I agreed that we would put no pressure on ourselves to perform and would just swim for the joy of swimming.  I think that this has made all the difference in the world.  We have been swimming for 30-40 minutes each time and I think it is a good distance for just getting back into it.  We have also made a plan to swim on Monday/Tuesday/Thursday.  Today was our 5th swim of the year and I am feeling great!

Today’s Workout:

  • 500 Freestyle (every 4th 25 backstroke)
  • 400 I.M Free/kick/free Drill
  • 300 I.M. Kick/Drill/Swim
  • 200 I.M. Easy/Build by 25
  • 100 I.M FAST
  • 400 I.M. Kick with a board
  • 50 EZ

Grand Total: 1950 yards!!!

How do you feel about the rain?  Do you love it or hate it?  Did the winter blues affect you this year.  If so, how did you deal?  Please comment below to share!

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,

❤ Alana

11 thoughts on “I Can’t Stand the Rain!

  1. Hello from Portland! I feel the same way. Exercise has helped me feel better physically and to connect with others which is always good. Here’s to sunny days!

    1. Hello Lori! Thank goodness for exercise! It has helped me get through this winter. The sun hasn’t come out yet, but it was a little less rainy this week and my latest favorite has been to take my dog for a walk and listen to podcasts 🙂 Here’s to sunny days that are hopefully on their way!!!

  2. thanks for the new songs! never heard them – and for me – I like rain – but it depends on how much and when — good luck with your swim goals.

    1. Thanks AJ! Yes, at first I was worried it was a light depression then I remembered that it has been consistently rainy. Hopefully the sun will come out soon! Until then, I hope you will feel better too. ❤

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