Are You Having Fun (life update)?

Looking back fondly, I have to say that my theme for February was FUN!  It was not exactly what I expected, but I am so glad that it happened!

I was inspired by my friend Tara when she invited me to go swimming with her.  Tara is an amazingly strong woman who has been one of my dearest friends through thick and thin.  She has been working so hard for years as a single parent.  She said that her goal in swimming was yes, to get some exercise, but more importantly to have more fun in her life.

When she told me about her quest for fun it was as if a light bulb went off in my heart.  Swimming for the joy of it rather than grinding through the laps felt so amazing and purposeful.  I was a swim coach for years and before that a swim instructor and even though I loved swimming I always felt a sense of pressure to “perform.”  Returning to swimming without that pressure has been wonderful.

I must say that February has been full of fun memories!  My bf and I went on a roadtrip.  When I got back I was reminded about the Mixxedfit Instructor Workshop.  I have to say that if my friend Danika had not signed up with me there is no way I would have made it there.  At the time, I was feeling discouraged with my lack of weightloss and what felt like an inability to stick with my diet.  I pushed myself to go and I am so glad that I did!!!  We even made it through 8 whole hours of dancing and I am now a Mixxedfit instructor!

Additionally I was reunited with another dear friend of mine, Phuong.  We have started going on our 5 mile walks and it has been good for the soul ❤

Another amazing highlight of February was that I started taking art lessons from my former art teacher.  My pediatrician (from childhood) got in touch with me via Facebook and asked if I wanted to start taking watercolor lessons with her.  We talked about it in December and finally made it happen this month.  I am so excited to see where my creativity will lead me!

I think a huge game-changer for me was giving myself permission to just be and not be so hard on myself.  In January I was struggling to stick with my plan and discouraged with my “lack” of results.  In February I said fuck it, I am just going to work what I got and be myself.  I didn’t stick with a diet, but I made it a point to eat veggies on the daily.

This past week I have decided to focus on Yoga, specifically Buti Yoga.

Oh and last night my bf treated me with an hour and a half massage and I got to try cupping for the very first time.  The therapist was amazing and I feel like a new woman today.  My neck and back are no longer crunchy and my pain has gone away.  I am also proud of my cupping circles that are lining my spine like badges of courage :).  It was a relaxing massage.  We didn’t say anything nearly the entire time except when he let me know that the cups were about to be administered.  Then at the very end of the massage the therapist said, “I hope you are lifting with such strong legs.”  He also said that I have an impressive level of flexibility.  I was flattered because this person is an ultra-marathoner.  I feel inspired and am so glad to know that all the Buti Yoga is paying off!!!

Finally, I am starting to get a little daring.  So daring that I am even considering a 16 credit music theory and performance program for spring.  We are required to choose an instrument or take voice lessons each week.  I am thinking of singing again which is exciting for me.  I don’t know if I will end up taking this route, but it sure is fun to dream, isn’t it?  I will let you know what I end up doing!

I have also started reconnecting with friends and making plans which is something I rarely did last year.  Tomorrow I have an art lesson and then my friend and I are taking a Mixxedfit class!

How was February for you?  What are your goals for March?!?!  Comment below to share!

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,

❤ Alana Xoxoxo

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