Snapshots of Time

Don’t settle! Love will find you when you are not looking and you will realize that it was worth the wait ❤

Living Out Loud

It is so nice to be able to look at the picture of someone who was once so dear to you. They were practically your world. You spent every waking moment that you possibly could with them. You gave them your time and your heart repeatedly because you thought you loved them. Seeing a picture of them once had the power to either warm your heart or tear you apart because you wanted to be right there with them.

Fast forward to now and you see a picture of them maybe two and you realize that your heart no longer gets clouded by feelings of affection and desire. Instead you look at them, smile, and acknowledge that they were a soul who shared some ups and downs of life with you. Some uplifted you and some brought you down so low, but there were lessons you learned together and experiences…

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3 thoughts on “Snapshots of Time

  1. Beautifully written Alana! It takes strength to move forward. But once you have, you can look back without regrets… xoxo Sarah

    1. Thank you Sarah! I really am thankful for the fact that time really does heal especially when we are spending our time bettering ourselves and pursuing our goals and dreams.
      I want to thank you again for talking with me about that renter that was causing me so much stress for the past 5 months. It was so kind of you to listen to me and to hear your perspective. It helped me feel way less crazy and like I was doing something wrong.
      I spent the last month basically avoiding her and only being around when my bf was with me. She never says anything mean to me when he is around and this was the longest span of time without her saying something demeaning towards me. I almost wish I would have taken this approach a lot sooner.
      We got another girl to rent the other bedroom and she is so sweet and easy to be around so that has been so refreshing. Last week the bothersome renter sent me a txt and said she is moving to another place by the end of April. It isn’t personal she just found a place that could accommodate her family when they come to visit. I am relieved and glad that we are parting on friendly enough terms.
      She was in the kitchen with me today, but talking on her phone the whole time it was really uncomfortable and I am glad that she has found a new place.
      Thanks again for being a kind and wonderful friend!

      ❤ Alana

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