Weed Your Life

And I am not talking about Miss Mary Jane 😉 I am talking about planting yourself in your garden and getting down on your hands and knees.  Breathing in the fresh air and sunlight and sometimes feeling the mists of a rainy day.

Find the weeds that I keeping your flowers from blossoming and take them out completely.  Get lost in your thoughts a you contribute to the natural beauty around you.  I always feel more grounded when I weed the garden.  There is something magical about getting down and dirty and connecting with the earth.

Then once the weeds are gone make your rounds and prune the dead leaves from your plants and before you know it you will have a plant that is more vibrant and healthier than ever.

Apply this to your life too.

Eradicate those toxic thoughts and draining relationships.  If you allow them to settle into your life they will take root and could possibly take over your life.

Life is too beautiful to be smothered and choked out by weeds.

Get in there, take them out, and don’t look back.  Some will realize that you are serious and will find a better way to communicate and others will be gone for good.  Either way you win when you stand up for yourself and live your truth!

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,

❤ Alana


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