It’s Gonna Be A Late Night

It is gonna be a late night especially since I have a paper to write. Luckily I have a mind full of ideas and a good cup of tea. And Thankfully this paper is not due until Thursday! I am gonna kick this “party” off with some wonderful oldschool Lady Gaga! Have a good night […]

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Does This Spark Joy?

Hello My Dear Darling Friends! Spring is a perfect time for change…  I honestly say this nearly every season because it is true.  We are constantly changing and the more we can embrace those changes rather than fighting them; the better off we will be mentally, spiritually, and physically. This year I have spent a […]

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The Wake-Up Call

Originally posted on Living Out Loud:
Have you ever had a tickle in your throat that would make you cough?  The kind of cough that was hard to stop?  The kind of cough that would throw a fit at the most inopportune time and throw you out of the room? Or that feeling that there’s…

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