Happy Easter, April Fools’, & the 1st Day Of April!!!

“April Showers bring May flowers.”  I have been reminding myself of this all day because it is rainy and the weather report says that we will have a solid week of pure rain.  I do live in the Evergreen State so I guess I cannot complain too much.

It all works out because this Easter is consisting of me chilling with my cats and reading Music Theory to prepare for Tuesday’s class.  I always feel a lot better about studying when it is cold and rainy outside.

My anxiety is trying to turn me into a tangled up mess, but I am not going to let it rob me of the potential joy that is in my heart.

I am going to focus on the many blessings in my life right here and now!  On Friday I got to meet one of my dearest friends for coffee and immediately after I got to paint.  I felt like a real artist and felt so inspired to create.

My bf got invited to go to a convention in Spokane, but he decided to stay home because he said he would rather spend time with me.

Also, I do not have to go to class on a single Monday this entire quarter and that feels like a true blessing!

Yesterday I was reunited with one of my dearest friends after years of being apart and she is taking Ruby on an adventure.

I already feel better now that I have taken some time to acknowledge the blessings and the good things that are happening in my life.  Alright,  I better start reading that music theory.  I know a lot of my anxiety is from fear of showing up to class unprepared and that is in my control.

I also wanted to take this time to wish you a Happy Easter, April Fools’, and 1st Day of April!!!

What are some of your favorite blessings?  Please comment below to share!

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,

❤ Alana 

4 thoughts on “Happy Easter, April Fools’, & the 1st Day Of April!!!

  1. I love that your bf decided to stay with you instead. We all need that kind of partner! ❤ I do have to agree with you that a healthy and positive mind beats all problems. Wishing you the best as you start a new sem.

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