Be-YOU-tifully YOU Project: #13, 14, & 15

Sip Sip

Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

As you can see, I am playing catch-up because I have clearly gotten behind on these weekly posts and I am okay with that.  I have been busy with school, life, and everything in between.

April has been a wonderful month and I am SO happy with the direction my life is taking.  I decided to switch up my school curriculum and am taking a Music Theory Intensive program.  One of the requirements is that we take weekly instrument or voice lessons.  I have chosen voice lessons and am singing for the first time in a decade.

On our first day of class the professor said, “I want us to do introductions as a way to get to know each other…”  I was expecting him to have us go around the room and say our name and what instrument we were playing.  Instead he said, “This Thursday each of you will perform 2 songs for the entire class.”  My brain was blown for a brief moment and I am sure I was not alone.  Many of us had not even started taking music lessons how on earth were we going to perform in front of other people in 2 days?!?!

Meanwhile, my dear friend Diana adopted our Japanese Chin dog, Ruby and I am so thrilled that Ruby has such a wonderful home and a house full of new friends.  We were not actively thinking of rehoming Ruby at this point, but when I saw that Diana was looking for a long-haired lap dog; I just knew that this was a match made in heaven.  Those two were just meant to be!  Diana also plays the harp and invited me to sing at an open mic with her.  I kept trying to get out of it since I did not feel anywhere near ready…

Performance day came and went at school and it went well.  I started out by singing “Humpty Dumpty” and even got my entire class to sing with me.  After that, I accompanied myself on the piano and sang “Crepuscle” by Massenet.  My voice is rusty because I have not been using it, but I believe I am off to a good start!

That Saturday I did perform with Diana at that open mic.  I was so nervous and am so glad that ready or not we did it together!  AND it went better than I thought!

In addition to music theory, I am also taking Core Ballet and my teacher asked me to teach the class our “Fix Me Jesus” dance that Professor Kabby Mitchell taught my class right before he passed away.  I am so honored that I get to share this with my new class this week.

What else is new?  Well, we built a new dome in our backyard and we are planning on travelling in the near future.  I can already tell that our lives are about to get even more exciting!!!



  • Do what you must and do it with ALL your heart.  Yes!   I have been doing the DAMN thing!
  • Wake up a little earlier for an early start.  I have been waking up a lot earlier than I have in a while I would even like to make it a little earlier so that I can accomplish even more.
  • Train a little harder.  I want to do better on this this week.
  • Give something up.  I gotta give up the sugar and the junk food.
  • Learn a new language and / or expand on what you have learned so far.  Music Theory!  Not what I expected, but a definite language in itself!

So there you have it!  I have been MIA because I have been busy!  What have you been up to lately?  Please comment below to share!

Also, I have worn makeup twice since my Big break up.  I wore it on Tuesday because it was rainy and I wanted to feel more uplifted and yesterday I put on some lipgloss to add a little color to my life.  This week I want to go back to keeping it natural.

After I publish this post, I must start working on homework because I have been slacking these past few days.   I have a chapter to read in Schoenberg and a big paper to write.  Thankfully class is on Tuesday so I have a little bit of time.

Here is 1 Be-YOU-tifully you pic!  With no makeup on!

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,

❤ Alana Xoxoxo

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