Transposing Poetry Into Dance

It is hard to believe that it has been a year since we were transposing poetry into dance. These words of wisdom have stuck with me this entire year and I imagine that they will stay with me for the rest of my life. I miss Professor K dearly, but it is good to know that he is no longer suffering and someday we shall all meet again.
Life is crazy once again as it always is in the springtime. Thankfully I only have 2 weeks left in this current spring quarter and then we can close this chapter in our lives.
I am looking forward to what the future brings. A move to a new place and a current job search for me. Let the games begin!

❤ Alana

Living Out Loud

Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

This morning I slept through my alarm and missed ballet class…

Well, I could have decided to wake up.  My whole world wanted me to wake up.  There was Alleyjandra purring by my face and circling me.  Then lightly licking and sometimes nibbling at my toes.  Then Ruby would pop up and my alarm would go off, and then there was the knocking at the front door, but nothing could get me up on time.  It just felt so nice to relax and slip back into dreamland…

Thankfully I have 2 weeks to make up the 2 ballet classes that I missed this quarter.

I am not going to miss today’s rehearsal for Professor Kabby Mitchell’s Memorial which takes place next Friday.  Luckily for me the ladies all agreed to meet at 1 pm which is do-able.  Well, I guess it was up to me because…

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3 thoughts on “Transposing Poetry Into Dance

  1. Alana, girl, if there’s one piece of advice I can give you… Once you start working, there’s no going back. The feeling of freedom and doing just what you like without paying attention to anyone is the period between your graduation and first job. Believe me, you’ll want to take the time to enjoy it a little… xoxo Sarah

  2. Hi Sarah! Thanks for this lovely reminder 🙂 Luckily, I have one more year in college (this fall will be my senior year) for now I am just going to find something part-time. We moved to a new place and I think the new setting has been good for me. My anxiety is historically awful in new settings, but this is giving me a chance to build up my confidence in a place where nobody knows me. Almost feels like starting over 🙂 Sometimes a little scary (even though I am almost 30), but also exciting too! I hope you are doing well! I am so glad that we are back in touch!!!

    ❤ Alana

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