Too Much Of A Good Thing…is bad

A year later, I still have a sensitivity to caffeine and brown liquor. Thankfully I have not been pushing those boundaries since this terrible experience. I have not completely eradicated coffee from my life yet and still have about a cup or two a day, but I will not let it make me sick anymore!

❤ Alana

Living Out Loud

Yesterday I had a mission to get $hit done.  I even told one of my tenants that I was going to get a coffee while I was out and about to give myself extra motivation.  I decided to go to Dutch Bros because you can get a lot of coffee at a very affordable price also they have a punch card which pays off in the long run.  One thing I wish Dutch Bros would change about their menu is I wish they would include caffeine content with each drink the way that starbucks does.  I wanted an iced coffee with a lot of caffeine, but less calories than most and so I chose “Double Torture.”  I also liked the fact that it had vanilla.  It said, “extra shot vanilla cold brew mocha.”  I chose to get it in cold brew form because it’s not something that I make…

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