I Am Happier Than I Have EVER Been

I wish I could take these feelings of joy and pure euphoria and bottle them up to spritz and wear during the times when the world is cold and I am feeling blue…

I just have to say it again.  I am happier than I have ever been in my Entire life ❤

I think a lot of it has come from the fact that I am learning to spend more time doing and thinking about the things that make me happy and doing less of what makes me unhappy.


I always wanted to travel more.  For the longest time the furthest east I had ever gone was Wyoming.  That has finally changed.

I got to be selective about the items I chose to bring along with me.  I have been wrestling with having too many things and spent the last 3 years letting go and learning to live with less.

I changed my phone number.  Several times actually…  I had the same number since 2010.  It was nice in some ways because I could easily contact people from my past and sometimes I would get a random message from a friend from the past.  I decided it was time for a change.  A chance to have more freedom to decide who could contact me.

I got to go on the roadtrip of a lifetime!  I have fantasized about going on a long roadtrip since… FOREVER!  And we finally made it happen.  The best part is that I got to go with the love of my life / (more than) best friend, my sister, and Alleyjandra and Carl.  Just imagine travelling thousands of miles with 2 cats!!!


This was our anthem:

We went to my parents alma mater and the place where they met.  I went to that college for a year too, but when I left it was under sad circumstances.  I have not gone back in a decade and it was nice to “take back the city” with the people and the kitties that I love the most ❤ And yes, we ate dinner at Pete’s Pizza too!


We visited the North, South, West, and East and the midwest too.  It was a journey of a lifetime that I will remember forever.


I wore shorts!!!  My sister and I got matching outfits and I still can’t believe that I wore shorts for the 1st time in Forever!


We got to do fun things like make jokes about Wall Drug and we got a jacuzzi in our room full of mysterious bubbles…


We met Tristan Roberts ❤

We planned on spending more time in one place, but once we decided that we did not like it we left and kept going until we found a place that we do like!

We are true minimalists.  I always had this lofty goal of becoming a minimalist and now I can say that I really am one!!!

I almost forgot to mention that WE BUILT A DOME HOME!!!


I bought a leather jacket and heels.  By the way, the leather jacket was not my idea.  My boyfriend picked it out for me.  And it has also been a good 4 years since I have worn heels, but can you blame me?  I used to only wear stilettos and ungodly high wedges.  This time around I left my stilettos at home and my back is thanking me for it.  When I went shopping for my interview outfit I was trying to find a pair of shoes that would not wreck my back.  I expected to get flats, but I decided to Step Up My Game and get a pair of heels!  WORK IT!!!

Can’t go wrong with 3 looks in 1!!!


I got that job!  I am so thrilled to say that I interviewed and got the job a few days later and today was my 1st day!!!

I got to try cryotherapy.  In the form of a cryo facial and today total body cryotherapy!

I have been meditating and writing morning pages.

I have consistently done 100 push-ups daily for awhile now.  I am currently taking a rest.

My man got me a glass hot pot that turns blue when it boils!!!  I have always wanted one of those!

This is the kind of life that I dreamed of living when I used to think about Living Out Loud!!!

What have you been up to lately?  I know that I have been M.I.A. for a long while.  Do you have a summer bucketlist and fun plans for the summer?  Please comment below to share!!!

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,

❤ Alana Xoxoxo

5 thoughts on “I Am Happier Than I Have EVER Been

    1. Thanks Kat! I cannot believe that July is already starting tomorrow. I finally started intermittent fasting yesterday and I feel good so far. Thanks for suggesting it. How are you doing?! ❤

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