I Miss My Sis

I am so happy that my sis and I have reunited since then AND we got to go on a cross country road trip of a lifetime complete with 2 cats!!! Xoxoxo I love you Sis!!! ❤

Living Out Loud

We had long heart-to-hearts and went on many grand adventures.

Greetings from OLY!

I could always count on you to be on my side and we would help each other by talking through things.


You also have an amazing sense of style and flair.  And when we grew tired of talking we could always run through the pain until it dissipated into the wind and soon we would be dancing like nobody was watching.


And other times we would listen to music and swing because it felt like the closest thing to flying ❤


I know that we don’t always see eye to eye.

IMG_3401 (1)

And that’s okay because we both offer a beautiful point of view ❤


Thank you for always believing in me and accepting me you are my best friend truer than true.  I want to do the same for you.  

I really am sorry for the times that I…

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