This Is How You Find What You Are Looking For

Life has a way of pulling us along and urging us to embark on adventures.  Some of these adventures are planned and many are impromptu.  Encounters are also adventures…  Encounters with people, places, and experiences.

Some of these experiences uplift us and help us to feel more alive. And others, tear us apart and break our hearts.  When we are heartbroken we find ways to cope, we count the days, and we search…  Search for answers, search for hope, search for love.  Sometimes we don’t even know what we are looking for…

On our search we find many things…  We figure out what we like and what we dislike and those bad experiences inspire us to move forward and create a better life.

The funny thing about life is that when you stop searching, stop counting the days, and simply live.  The most beautiful things happen.

So go out into the world and be complete and free.  Live Out LOUD and Live your truth!!!  That is how you find what you are looking for. ❤

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