It Almost Felt Like The End of an Era…(Story-time)

When I was 24 I decided to do something crazy…  2 things actually…

It was a frosty November morning in 2012…  The dark kind of morning that urges you to stay snuggled up in bed.  I was supposed to get a massage at a physical therapist’s office and was about to pry myself out of bed when the phone rang and I found out that she had to cancel my appointment.

At that point I decided that I would go for a run.  The 5 mile loop around the lake sounded inviting for some odd reason so I txted the guy I was dating at the time and invited him to join me for an impromptu run.  I was just about to pull out of my driveway when… He cancelled on me too.

The usual me at the time would have felt sad and probably gone back to bed especially since I hated last minute cancelled plans (and still do!) I reminded myself that I had just gotten paid for being a high school girls’ swim team coach and I was going to finally buy myself the Mac Book Pro laptop that I had always wanted.  It was already in the shopping cart on my dad’s computer all I needed to do was deposit my check into my account. I felt a little more optimistic after that reminder and decided that I was going to go for a run!  I also invited my sister, Aunya (14 at the time) to join me and she said yes!  Things were looking up!

Even though my appointment got canceled and that guy ditched me it did not mean that I had to have a bad day.  My sister and I drove down to marathon park and we took off running.  It was a beautiful misty morning and it felt so good to run with the frost kissing our fingertips and hair.  We almost ran the entire time, but when we reached the Capitol neighborhood we were greeted by a kitty.  This cat was so sweet and playful and we played with it for about 10 minutes.  Every time we started to walk away the kitty would follow us.  In fact it followed us for 7 blocks and my sister said, “do you remember when we almost got a cat?”

Of course I remembered.  There was this beautiful grey cat named Abby at the petsmart back in 2008 and I wanted to get her for my sister for her birthday.  In fact, we were in line about to sign the paperwork, but the line was so long and I had to head to work so we were not able to bring Abby home.  I guess it worked out because we did not live in a pet friendly house.  Both of our parents despised cats and at the time, our plan was to hide Abby in the garage…

We decided to start running so the cat would not get lost.  Once we reached the Capitol campus I asked my sister if she wanted to go to Petsmart to see if they had any cats.  Of course she said yes!  And at that point I decided to schedule an appointment to get my nose pierced.  I initially wanted to get my eyebrow pierced, but my friend owned her own salon and she did nose piercings.  Also, Tupac had his nose pierced and he was my all time favorite…  The things we do when we are young 🙂

So I got my nose pierced and then we headed over to Petsmart.  And guess what?!?!  They had 2 black kittens.  My sister and I fell in love immediately.  One brother was really sweet and the other one was feisty and mean.  At first I wanted to get them both, but then I told my sister, “I’m sorry I think we can only get one.”  Because they were $150 a piece.  I felt so bad about separating them, but I am glad she understood.  She chose the feisty and mean, yet super adorable black kitty cat and named him Damon!

He is So handsome!

We did not know the first or last thing about cats because he was our very first one.  We did not even know how we would break the news to our parents, but we decided to “dive now think later.”  We got him all the gear and I knew the moment that we adopted him that I would not have enough money left to get my computer, but I was okay with that  ❤

Damon was worth it!  We tried to hide Damon in my sister’s room, but that only last for 5 minutes and our mom stormed in and saw him.  Both parents did not take too kindly to having a cat in their midst and my dad demanded that I take him back.  I felt crushed and heart broken…  Meanwhile, Mom would go in and play with Damon.  And she fell in love with the feisty and mean black kitty.

My sister and I have both moved out of my parents’ house. Thankfully Damon still remains and keeps them both company  🙂 Getting Damon was probably one of the best decisions we could have made.  2012 started out beautifully, but really threw me through the ringer.  I got to date my best friend (at the time) but then we both decided it would be best for us to break up when he traveled abroad to teach ESL.  We were going to stay together, but I did not want to hold him back.  Even though the breakup was mutual it still broke my heart…

I did my best to heal, but it was a struggle.  Thankfully my sister was there for me and getting this black kitty cat brought us closer together.  Even though he is feisty and mean.

You are probably wondering why I called this post “It almost felt like the end of an era.”  Well, it kind of is close to the end of an era.  I turn 30 next month.  We live in a new place and it feels like I have a new life.

Also, when I was interviewing for jobs I decided to take my nose ring out to look more professional.  I tried using a clear retainer, but it kept popping out in my sleep until it was lost for good.  So I just took it out completely.

Over this past weekend, I decided to put a new ring in, but after a day I realized that it was hurting so I took it out.  It could be that I was allergic to the metal.  Yesterday I got disproportionately emotional when it hurt and felt like I could not put a ring back in.

I told myself that it must be the end of an era…

I tried to find lots of pictures through the years that showcase my nose ring through the years.

I think it also means a lot to me because in a sense it signified my free spirit and independence.  Also, when I worked at the Valley we were not allowed to have facial piercings…  I wore my clear retainer rebelliously and felt like a Bad girl in the BEST way.

Even just looking back to yesterday, it is hard to believe how sad it made me feel to imagine not have this extra whole in my face.  Haha.

I even told my co-worker the story of how I did something “Crazy” back when I was 24.  The same story that I just told you ❤ She said that she could relate and when she was 15 she got her belly pierced and she kept it until a few years after turning 30.

I thought I was ready to let go, but a few moments ago I tried one last time to put a ring in my piercing and it worked!  So I guess the party will continue!

I may not be ready to part with my nose piercing, but I am ready to let go of my heartbreak and mistakes!  Here’s to New Beginnings!!!

Have you ever done anything crazy before?  If so please comment below to share!!!  I would love to hear all about it!!!

Love, Joy, and Blessings Always,

❤ Alana Xoxoxo

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