Gym Anxiety

2 Years later and the struggle is still so real.

Living Out Loud

What is up with me?! Even after all these years of working at a health club, I still get a strong case of gym anxiety.

I think of all the body parts that need work and in my mind I map out a path of where I think less people will be working out.

I don’t want to be seen.

I don’t mean to be mean.

Just trying to reaclimate to this workout gym scene.

Hopefully soon I will be comfortable with working out in a gym once again.

I am kind of sick of feeling like I am starting all over again so this time let’ s just keep going!

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5 thoughts on “Gym Anxiety

    1. It is awesome that you are getting your workouts done at home! I prefer home workouts myself 🙂 We just moved and parted with our home-gym equipment and I decided to join the gym to push myself out of my comfort zone a little.

  1. Girl, completely relate to this feeling! I think you just have to fight your inner demons and just do it! Go in the gym and own it! There is so much fear to go into a gym for fear of being seen and watched but I promise that no one will stare cos everyone just focuses on what they’re doing. If they are just staring, they are in the wrong place! x

    1. Thanks Girl! I really needed that reminder. Yes, I think I am afraid of not knowing what I am doing and being watched. Thank goodness for youtube videos. I have started watching videos to get workout ideas to bring to the gym ❤

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