The images are BluRrY, but the memories last FOREVER

Summer time is a magical time and for some reason I am drawn back to the summer that I turned 26 on the 26th…  It was a magical time.  A tumultuous time.  And a time of big transitions.

Looking back I wish I would have kept more pictures from that time in my life and blogged more, but back then I did not even own a computer.

That summer I was learning to enjoy being single and figuring out who I was and what I wanted in life.

I had a tight-knit group of girls who I held close to my heart and we had so many fun adventures and  girls’ nights out.

I had some wonderful impromptu adventures like that July when we went to the beach to celebrate the birthday of one of those girls.  We got to stay in her parent’s beach house and she cooked us delicious meals and we got drunk and spent hours playing on the beach and saw the most miraculous sunsets.

My mantra at that time was:

“Life’s a beach you gotta ride the waves.”

She and I had a special bond.  We loved feeling so free and strong and could talk about “anything.”  We txted first thing in the morning, throughout the day, and right before bed.  She was so thoughtful and surprised me with gifts on my birthday and flowers and a mixed CD when I got the head swim coach job.

The other girlie in my squad was always vibrant, bright, upbeat, and so active in her community.  She inspired me with her zest for life and when I first got my car she drove to the beach with me for the very 1st time.  She also took me to my first swing dancing night and blues night dance and she gifted me the dress that I borrowed from her.  And I wore that dress until the straps snapped and even after that I tried to keep wearing that beloved dress…

The 3 of us always had grand adventures together and some of my favorite adventures were those impromptu adventures.

That fall as the days grew shorter and the nights colder we had a schism…  It was a devastating time for me and I could not exactly understand how and why it happened, but I think it had to do with a boy.

And the boy I started dating that fall is the same man that I am with nearly 4 years later…

I was pretty sad and bitter about the whole split for awhile, but looking back I think that I have finally made peace with it all.

“Don’t be sad that it didn’t last; be glad that it happened.”

I am thankful for those good times that we all had together.  The images are blurry, but the memories will last forever.  ❤



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