Be-YOU-tifully YOU Project: #33

Sip Sip

Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

I hope you are enjoying your weekend.  Last week I set some fitness goals for myself: yoga 3 times, strength training 4 times, and cardio 5 times.  I am excited because I reached those goals.  It was also my 2nd week of going to the gym and I have to say that my nerves were still really high every time.  Then I realized that a majority of the people who workout at my gym are super fit.  Many are training for powerlifting competitions and such.  Most of the overweight people are over 40.  This realization made me feel like my nerves and anxiety were somewhat justified, but I will not use this as an excuse.

I wrote out a workout plan that I followed these first two weeks and now that I am starting week 3 tomorrow it is time for me to switch my exercises.  I plan on writing out my plan this afternoon.

A big highlight of my week is that I got my own set of keys to the spa that I work at!  I feel lucky to be entrusted with this responsibility.  I have also decided to start learning about logistics and online advertising so far it has been really interesting.

It feels good to know that I am capable of setting goals then taking steps everyday towards those goals.  One thing that I am struggling with is the sheer volume of information that is available.  I barely even know what sources to trust and where to start.  I am currently reading a book by Jillian Michaels and she is helping me to get started.



  • Quit nagging.  This week I stayed busy working on my own goals so there was no time to nag.
  • Listen.  I have also become a better listener.  I used to spend a lot of time planning what I would say next, but learning to become an active listener has helped me in many facets of my life.
  • Cultivate healthy relationships.  I am taking time to figure out which relationships are important to me and what kinds of boundaries I want to set.  My relationship keeps getting better and better and I am so happy that my sister and I are closer than ever.
  • No dumping.  Nope.
  • No Complaining.  When I am busy working on myself, there are less things to complain about.
  • Give proofs of love.  I am working on showing my love through action.


This week’s Be-YOU-tifully YOU pic!  I had just gotten a cryo-facial at work!

How was your week? Please comment below to share your highs and lows!   I hope you are taking time to have some fun this summer.  I can hardly believe that summer is swiftly coming to a close in a few weeks.   Even more unbelievable and scary is the fact that I turn 30 in exactly a week!!!

Be Real. Be True. Be-YOU-tifully YOU.

❤ Alana Xoxoxo


2 thoughts on “Be-YOU-tifully YOU Project: #33

  1. Congrats on achieving your goals! It’s very rewarding. I came across Yoga for Adriene over a year ago. I found her Find What Feels Good (FWFG) community, and became a member. It’s a great journey. Best to you!

    1. Thank you so much! I am so glad that you have found Yoga With Adriene. She has helped me heal in so many ways. I hope you will have a wonderful week and thanks for stopping by and reading.

      ❤ Alana

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