My Birthday + Be-YOU-tifully YOU Project: #34

Sip Sip

Hello My Friends!

I was a total wreck last week, but I got though it and now I am finally 30!  I think it happened last Wednesday when I was trying to honor my past as a way of closing that decade in my life.  Things spun a little out of control and a bunch of forgotten  memories and sad emotions came to the surface.  I hardly knew how to handle them and it left me feeling super sad and depressed for days.  I felt so bad for the person I was back then and was upset that I wasted that time.

My birthday itself was nice.  My significant other got me coffee and breakfast in bed and then we drove out to a local island to go exploring.  I saw people floating in the water and was bummed that I did not have my swimming suit. My man saw how disappointed I was and he drove me back so I could suit up.  I had a feeling that I would not end up getting in the water because I had done my makeup, but I loved having the option 😉 This place was absolutely gorgeous and I am so glad that we made it!

After our adventure my boyfriend told me that we could do whatever I wanted no matter how much it cost.  I found a waterfront grill and we got all dressed up to go.  I even wore heels, but brought some comfy shoes too (which I am super glad I did.) This was a fancy high end restaurant that has super high ratings.  We got there and it was pretty crowded and I decided that I didn’t want to go in.  I just don’t “love” crowds the way I used to…  Lol I don’t think I have ever been a very big fan of crowds.  We drove around enjoying the absolutely gorgeous scenery and then I felt suddenly exhausted and like I needed a nap.  We got some iced coffees and sweet potato chips. I decided that instead of going out to eat I just wanted to get a bottle of wine and have food delivered to us so I could be lazy.  We found local blueberry wine and I chose a nut assortment with macadamia nuts even though I really wanted to get cheese cake and ice cream.

Once we got home I ordered pizza for us.  That night instead of having a birthday cake we made honey oat protein pancakes with wild blueberries.  See?  I am trying hard to make better choices now that I am 30!


In the evening I suddenly decided that I wanted to go someplace beautiful for sunset, but sunset was rapidly approaching so we headed out and just barely made it.  Sadly, it was too overcast and windy to see the sunset, but it was definitely worth the ride.

As a whole it was a good birthday.  I am still feeling a little out of sorts, but I will just keep doing my thing and hopefully I will feel a lot better soon.

My weekly Be-YOU-tifully YOU pic ❤



  • Quit nagging.
  • Listen.
  • Cultivate healthy relationships.
  • No dumping.
  • No Complaining.
  • Give proofs of love.

Overall I think I am doing a decent job with August’s goals.  I was a little less pleasant to be around this week due to my emotions, but we made it through!  It is hard to believe that it is already time to think about September’s goals!



  • Create a Bucket-list (my year truly begins in September.)
  • Make Time.
  • Forget about the results.
  • Live Passionately.
  • Master a new technology.

How was your week?  Do you have fun plans for the last bit of summer?  Please comment below to share!

Be Real. Be True. Be-YOU-tifully YOU.

❤ Alana

4 thoughts on “My Birthday + Be-YOU-tifully YOU Project: #34

  1. What a lovely way to spend your birthday! We closed out the end of summer by having one last cookout. We made “eggplant” burgers on the grill and they turned out great! I will miss summer but I love autumn, so I can’t wait for that. 💛

    1. That sounds like a wonderful way to close out your summer! Eggplant burgers sound delicious. I really love how versatile eggplant is. It is impressive. It feels like summer flew by, but I agree with you. I sure do love fall too!

      ❤ Alana

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