Be-YOU-tifully YOU Project: #35

Sip Sip

Hello My Dear Darling Friends!

This week was thankfully better than last week.  I was still dragging a little, but I got through it and feel like I made a full recovery.  What was I recovering from?!  I think I had to recover from reality.  The reality of my sad past and the reality of growing older.  That $hit can honestly get heavy if you spend enough time dwelling.

I got through it thanks to the love and support of my friends, family, and my cats.  I also took ACTION!  There were days when I did not feel like going to the gym, but I still did it and I came out feeling better every time!

I spent a lot of time wondering if I should just buy myself a calendar rather than continuing with my bullet journal, but I decided to give the bullet journal another chance and I am so glad that I did.  It gave me a sense of accomplishment. 

Once I finished my bullet journal layout for September I felt a sudden surge of motivation!  Taking action builds momentum!

Yesterday I decided to buy myself a computer programming book.  I have taken the whole summer off from coding and it has been such a nice rest.  Nearly all of my coding experience has come from online tutorials and e-books and I have to say that I am really enjoying the process of working out of a text book!

I did a decent job with my gym workouts this week and made it in 4 times, but I have been doing a lot less yoga.  I am trying to establish a good balance so that I do not burn out.



  • Create a Bucket-list (my year truly begins in September.)
  • Make Time.
  • Forget about the results.
  • Live Passionately.
  • Master a new technology. I am learning how to program in C#
Here is my be-YOU-tifully YOU pic of the week!

What are some of your goals for September?  Please comment below to share!

Be Real. Be True.  Be-YOU-tifully YOU.

❤ Alana

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