Water With Limes

Thinking back on memories.  Reminiscing about hopes and dreams. The signs in the tress and the message in the stars.  The earthy breeze that nips you in the form of a frozen mist.  And that one person from long ago with a presence that didn’t last.  Still tugging on the corners or your heart with […]

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How To Play Catch-up

The older (and hopefully wiser) I get the more I find that being behind is simply a state of mind. I honestly am not really behind.  I just have a paper to turn in by midnight tonight and then a book to read by Tuesday.  Then a few articles to read by Tuesday.  We also […]

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Variable Rest Day

There is no better way to cramp your style than to have a fight or flight / all or nothing mentality.  Take it from me because that was a way of life for me for the past decade.  I rocked it hard until last fall when I got too sick to rock due to all […]

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Mid-term Week of Senior Year

Mid-term week of Senior year I can’t believe it’s finally here! Fall quarter is usually my roughest quarter at school at least historically.  I think that every year I had a class on campus I got super sick and fell behind and found myself just barely treading water by week #5…  Correction…  Drowning! This year […]

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